Lemon Bay Security

Lemon Bay High School has 2 School Resource Officers and 2 security officers

The School will officially open at 6:40am

  • Students dropped off before 6:30am will need to stay in the front of the courtyard until school opens. Student Drop-off and Pick up will be in the front of the school only. Students and staff are required to wear an identification (ID) badge during school hours.
  • Per county policy, all employees and students must wear an identification badge while on campus during school hours.
  • Badges and lanyards will be supplied to all students on Monday (the first day of school)
  • Students must wear the school Lanyard and IDs over their neck and it must be visible at all times.
  • If students accidently forget their badge, a temporary badge will be issued to the student for the day. Students that repeatedly do not bring their ID to school will face disciplinary action.


All students will be required to show their badge when entering the school. Students who do not have a badge will be required to report to the AP office to obtain a temporary badge.

Classroom doors will be locked, at all times, during instructional time.

Visitors/Parents must show photo ID to enter the front office during school hours.

FortifyFL: https:getfortifyfl.com

Fortify Florida
  • Please use this state website/app to report suspicious activity.