Awards, Honors, and Accolades


Congratulations to the Students of the Month for December 2017:
Freshmen: Tian Ho and Taylor Mason
Sophomores: Dylan Schoeneck and Grace Whitehill
Juniors: Andrew Heath and Hailey Hutchinson
Seniors: Deven Chavez and Melenie Torres

Students of the Month-December 2017

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for November 2017:
Freshmen: Trinity Angelo & Vladimir Sariol
Sophomores: Maggie Poulakis & Nathaniel Winkle
Juniors: Oakley Maki & Iraj Patel
Seniors: Sarah Bedford & Jeffrey “Jed” Fazler

Students of the month for November

Congratulations to the October 2017 Students of the Month:
Freshmen: Lauren Ragazzone and Weston Wolff
Sophomores: Kellie Redmann and Estaban Alvarez
Juniors: Malori Onken and Gabriel Layne
Seniors: Hunter Scott and Tyler Caron

Students of the Month for October

Congratulations to the September 2017 Students of the Month:
Freshmen: Nicole Pulaskie & Dimitri Saaby
Sophomores: Bailey Grossenbacher & John Moore
Juniors: Destiny Ashcraft & Joshua Hutcherson
Seniors: Lauren Maheu & Michael Ainsworth 

September Students of the Month

May, 2017- Lemon Bay High School's Senior Awards Night was held on May 8th with a total of $640,000 local dollars awarded to deserving seniors in the Class of 2017. CONGRATULATIONS! Here are pictures of some of the award recipients:

Senior AwardsSenior awardsSenior awards

Senior awardsSenior awardsSenior awards



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