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A Message from Mr. Bedford

Welcome back students and parents.  I am excited to start another school year and excited that we are opening our school completely constructed for the first time in over five years.

The staff had a great four days of preparation for the upcoming school year and once again our focus this year is based on a question we pose to all our students.  “Are you working toward graduating on time, career and college ready?”  It is our goal that students come to school each day with this question in mind and it is my expectation that our Lemon Bay staff prepares each day to help students achieve this goal.  To help students achieve this goal, we are providing each student with a planner.  We hope that students will bring the planner with them each day to record their daily assignments and homework.  As well, our staff will be providing their lesson plans and homework online this year for all classes.

We want our students to be successful at Lemon Bay and we know that there are some key things that students need to do to help them be successful at our school.  The first is to attend school on a regular basis.  Teachers prepare lessons for each school day and students attending school regularly will be able to keep up with the progression of learning in the classroom.  The second is to strive for good grades.  Students will have classwork and homework that will help them prepare for the tests they will take in each of their classes to show learning is occurring.  The final one is for students to get involved.  Involvement in sports, activities, and clubs will help students feel more a part of the high school and data has shown that students who are involved in high school have better attendance and grades.

Over the summer we had some changes to our staff.  We are excited to have 10 new staff members at Lemon Bay comprised of 6 teachers, 2 para professionals, 1 social worker and 1 custodian. The new staff members bring with them experiences that range from 20 years of experience to less than 1 year of experience. We welcome our new staff members and are excited to have them as part of the Lemon Bay and Englewood community.

The entire staff is looking forward to a great school year.


Bob Bedford
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